World Ecolabel Day - 13 October 2022

A global day to celebrate ecolabel products and services that are certified green to protect you and the planet.

Activities & Ideas

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We want to help you celebrate World Ecolabel Day! 

You can use the ideas below to generate a buzz around October but we’d love to hear your ideas, too! Email us a description of your activities and PICTURES (we love pictures!) and we will post them here. You’ll see what others are doing at home and around the world to celebrate World Ecolabel Day.

  • Make a video of your favorite ecolabel product or service and post it on your blog, web or social media
  • Use our key messages to educate your followers on your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Write a blog about your activities
  • Write to your local paper
  • Call your local TV and radio stations
  • Put up posters at your school or place of work
  • Send postcards to friends and family
  • Have a contest about the greenest activities
  • Create an educational webinar or slideshow
  • Start a campaign to get more green products at retailers near you
  • Hand out cards at community events


Don’t forget to let us know how you are celebrating! Email a description of your activities and pictures to