World Ecolabel Day on October 25, 2018

A global day to celebrate ecolabel products and services that protect you and the planet.

Published On: 16-Jan-2018

In more than 50 territories and countries around the world, Type I ecolabel products and services exist to help you reduce your environmental impact. 

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Type I ecolabels are “best-in-class” and are held to the strictest environmental standards. They are independently third-party tested to ensure that you’re getting a product that is “CERTIFIED GREEN” so you can trust in its environmental integrity.

Using ecolabel products daily in your household or at your workplace creates a positive effect on sustainable consumption and lifestyle - and you can rest assured that ecolabel products are protecting the planet and doing the least amount of harm.

During the week of October 25, 2018, consumers, companies, and communities around the world will be celebrating the first edition of this World event. There will be activities, promotions, and education in almost every territory and country that has ecolabel products and services during the week leading up to and including World Ecolabel Day to bring awareness to the environmental integrity of Type I ecolabels.

We want everyone to know that Type I ecolabel products and services exist - will you join us in helping to spread the word?

I want to learn more! Go HERE to read our FAQs to learn more about Type I ecolabel products and where you can find them.

I want to take action! Be part of the first ever World Ecolabel Day! We made our logos available for DOWNLOAD to you so you can create a poster of it for a store or school, post it on your social media, or talk to your community about creating an awareness raising event.

Use the hashtag #worldecolabelday to celebrate!

We are going to have lots to share with you over the coming months, so please check back often. If you want more information, please contact us today.