TCO Development's Soren Enholm presenting in SPP webinar

Dispelling sustainable public procurement myths

Published On: 02-May-2016

A webinar on May 10 (2-3pm CET) explores opportunities, myths and gaps in the current approach to sustainability in public sector purchasing. A case study from Sweden will be discussed as well as the vital role of purchasers in driving positive change.

The new EU Public Procurement Directive currently being implemented by all member states, offers governments an opportunity to tighten legislation around sustainable purchasing, and for buyers at the local level to take advantage of existing opportunities to make more sustainable product choices.

However, all too often, purchasing of goods and services in the public sector does not take environmental and social responsibility into account.

GEN members the EU ecolabel, Bra Miljoval, Nordic Swan and TCO Development collaborated on the report. The webinar will be co-presented by TCO's Soren Enholm. "I will say a few words about all time and effort third party certifications put into developement and verification of criteria," says Soren Enholm,"and that we offer this work to public purchasers for free, so that they don't have to spend tax payers money on doing all this work themselves".

The main part of the webinar will be presented by Mikael Karlsson (the report's author). For more see

Cecilia Ehrenborg for Nordic Swan will talk about cooperation between the third party environmental and social certifications / labels in Sweden.

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