Remembering Dr. Ning Yu

Published On: 28-Apr-2020

S 129204231The world lost a true environmental leader in March with the passing of Dr. Ning Yu of the Green Mark Program in Chinese Taipei. Dr. Yu was the GEN Board Chairwoman from 2003-2006 and active in GEN for many years beyond that term. Memories from friends came flooding in as the news spread.

“Ning taught us a lot, not only about the environment but also about respectful relationships.”

“She was an inspiration and a pioneer in ecolabelling, gladly sharing her knowledge and at the same time being very open to listen to the ideas of others.”

“One of the most important pillars globally for Type 1 ecolabelling activities from the early nineties up to only a few years ago has left us. The work Ning put into the ISO activities and to establish the GENICES process will stand as outstanding for the future.”

“She was a warm, fun and passionate person and will be dearly missed by everyone who had the pleasure of knowing her.”

“She was so excellent and experienced when she expressed her thoughts. She is one of the global ecolabel leaders, my teacher and good friend also.”

“Ning was naturally curious and loved to travel. When our tour bus broke down in Bratislava, she was just delighted to have more time to see the country! She had a sense of wonder about the world.”

“Her happy family with her more than 100-year-old mother, gentle and cultivated husband, lovely daughter-in-law and grandchildren made her enjoy life very much.”

“She has left a lasting legacy as a result of her personality and work.”

“Ning was a highly effective professional and warm, friendly colleague. I always enjoyed working with her and had great confidence in her to advance the cause in which we were all engaged.”