International recognition by Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council

Chinese and Swedish members applauded

Published On: 03-Jun-2017

GEN congratulates two members whose case studies in ecolabelling have been recognised by the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council. Founded in 2013, the council aims to simplify and standardise sustainable purchasing by large organisations.

China Environmental United Certification Centre and TCO Development were recognised.

The abstracts published by the Council state:

China’s policy on government procurement of environmental labelling products has been improving over the past 10 years with a wider scope of products and a gradual improvement of the management mechanism. It plays a good guiding and demonstration role in facilitating comprehensive implementation of sustainable consumption. The policy on government procurement of environmental labelling products not only improves environmental performance of government agencies, but also reduces energy consumption and emissions of pollutants by forcing green upgrading of enterprises through consumption. Government procurement of environmental labelling products reached 715.45 billion Yuan (approx. USD 105 billion) during 2008 - 2016 with a continuous rise of environmental labelling products in similar products of government procurement.

TCO Certified is the most comprehensive sustainable certification for IT products, including computers, tablets and other devices. For 25 years, TCO Certified has offered purchasers an independently verified tool for reducing risk and meeting sustainability challenges connected to electronics. Since 2009 TCO Certified has included criteria for socially responsible manufacturing, and a 2016 impact study reveals major improvements in code of conduct compliance in factories manufacturing certified products. Results include a reduction to zero nonconformities in several key parameters.