Ecolabelling head calls for ethical action from big electronic brands

Bjorn-Erik Lonn supports new TCO Development Report

Published On: 01-Mar-2017

Global Ecolabelling network (GEN) Chair Bjorn-Erik Lonn has supported the call from I.T. certifier TCO Development asking the world’s leading electronics brands to prioritise social and environmental sustainability.

The Sweden-based GEN member operates the internationally recognised TCO Certified ecolabelling programme. It has just released a report updating manufacturing conditions and product sustainability across supply chains in the electronics industry.  The findings reveal the power of brands that cooperate to put ethical practice pressure on their suppliers, and show the influence that buyers can have in making this happen.

The report expresses concern about some work conditions in the industry but shows major improvements in the use of forced labour, health and safety, labour laws and the rights of the child.

Read what GEN and TCO Development have to say with a summary and a link to the report here.