Danes demand more ecolabelled products

Nordic Swan sets apart Denmark’s first ecolabelled conference centre

Published On: 08-Sep-2016

Vilvorde Conference Centre, north of Copenhagen, has become the first conference centre in Denmark to fly the flag of GEN’s Nordic ecolabel, the Swan. Culminating 35 years focussed on sustainability, Vilvorde has met the label’s strict requirements for reducing the volume of waste and lowering the consumption of energy, chemicals, and water.

Director of Vilvorde, Ida Jørgensen, says the demand for green products and services is on the increase.  “We already see demand from the bigger companies, who weigh sustainability very much in their core values. We believe these values will become more pervasive in the future, and we are naturally very pleased.”

The centre has never utilised pesticides in its park, and chooses ecolabel-compliant, unperfumed   cleaning agents, says Ms Jørgensen. There has always been a focus on waste separation. Additionally, in the restaurant, raw produce is carefully selected with a sharp focus on organics, animal welfare, and Fairtrade.

”It means a lot to us to receive the Nordic Swan ecolabel. Everything the Nordic Swan stands for is a natural part of Vilvorde’s DNA, as we have focused on sustainability and minimising our environmental footprint.”

The Nordic Swan ecolabel is the customers’ guarantee of an environmentally correct choice, says Director of Ecolabelling Denmark, Martin Fabiansen, whose organisation is behind the certification. “We wish to congratulate Vilvorde Conference Centre for being Denmark’s very first Nordic Swan ecolabelled conference centre. Most companies today have environmental targets comprising purchases of both products and services. It is therefore pleasing that companies with a focus on the environment and sustainability now are able to choose a Nordic Swan labelled conference centre in Denmark.”

Nordic Swan Ecolabel facts
A Nordic Swan ecolabelled conference centre has been through an extensive certification process, documenting and controlling that it meets strict requirements to minimise environmental impact – among other things, by:

• Limiting energy consumption, and thereby the production of CO2
• Minimising the consumption of water
• Utilising ecolabelled dishwashing, laundry, and general cleaning products
• Making use of ecolabelled paper in the photo copier, in bathrooms, and in the kitchen
• Offering a selection of organic food and drinks as well as a vegetarian main course every day
• Separating waste at the source, so that as much as possible can be recirculated and recycled
• Training personnel so that everyone is committed to work with and for the environment.

Note: 22 Nordic Swan ecolabelled Danish Scandic hotels also include some conference facilities.