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Organisation: Global Electronics Council

Program: EPEAT

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Susan Herbert

Global Electronics Council

PO Box 12149

Portland, OR 97212

United States

Tel: +1 503-279-9383


EPEAT is a comprehensive voluntary sustainability Type 1 ecolabel that helps purchasers identify more sustainable technology products and services. The EPEAT Program is managed by the Global Electronics Council (GEC), a mission driven non-profit working to create a world of only sustainable technology products and services. 


EPEAT Criteria are developed in a multi-stakeholder, voluntary, consensus-based process and address environmental and social impacts across the entire product lifecycle, from extraction of resources and manufacturing, through to assembly, use, and end of life.


Products that meet EPEAT Criteria are identified in the public facing website called the EPEAT Registry, which lists thousands of sustainable IT products—more than any other ecolabel dedicated to electronics. Before becoming EPEAT-registered, an independent GEC-approved Conformity Assurance Body (CAB) must confirm the product’s conformance with EPEAT Criteria. To ensure consistent and objective assessment of products, the EPEAT Program maintains a Conformity Assurance System, which identifies the rules for conformity assurance activities and provides oversight and ongoing approval of all CABs.