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Organisation: National Cleaner Production Centre Sri Lanka

Program: Eco Label Sri Lanka

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Samantha Kumarasena, Chief Executive Officer

National Cleaner Production Centre Sri Lanka

No:66/1,Dewala Road


Sri Lanka

Tel: +94 11 2822272/3


The National Cleaner Production Centre Sri Lanka (NCPC-SL) runs Ecolabel Sri Lanka.


NCPC-SL is a not-for-profit foremost sustainability solution provider in the country. Over the past two decades, not only has it achieved its vision but has also become a leading stakeholder in achieving sustainable development goals of Sri Lanka.


NCPC Ecolabelling Programme is the first national green product certification scheme and the most successful and influential ecolabelling program in Sri Lanka. With the support provided by the UN Environment Consumer information programme and technical inputs from Eco Mark, Japan, this program has been initiated.


Ecolabel Sri Lanka follows ISO 14024 principles for global best practices in lifecycle ecolabelling. We also have technical support from experienced international ecolabel programmes through GEN membership.


We have developed rigorous voluntary standards with sector experts, which are then independently and critically reviewed and approved by the Governing Council, represented by government, industry, academia and other sectors. 


Ecolabel Sri Lanka certifies three product categories based on standards developed with lifecycle thinking ranging from the agrifood sector (Dairy, Tea) to construction materials, paint, steel, cement, and much more. All NCPC Ecolabel standards include comprehensive sustainability criteria related to the environment, human health, social issues, and fitness for purpose.


NCPC Ecolabel is widely respected and recognised locally and Internationally as NCPC is a member of RECP net and was founded by UNIDO and UNEP. Our ecolabel gives consumers, including suppliers and procurement teams, confidence that the products and services have been through an independent third-party assessment.


Our team is highly skilled with expertise in resource efficiency and cleaner production. We use a holistic approach to address sustainability issues, adding value to our clients to improve their benefits to businesses through waste reduction.