GEN Celebrates 25 Years

GEN ThankYou Friends

In 2019 we celebrate a quarter century since the Global Ecolabelling Network was founded. GEN was established to improve the effectiveness of ecolabelling on an international level through the transfer of experience and technical information. The 7 founding members in 1994 have grown to almost 30 during those years, and every member has strengthened its position and importance in its respective national or regional markets.

Board members reflect on GEN's past and future

GEN owes its success and longevity to

  • GEN members for developing strong and credible labels
  • Providers of ecolabel products for demonstrating leadership
  • Procurement officials for their commitment to purchasing green
  • Consumers for not settling for anything less than the safest products and services for themselves, their families and the environment


 GEN History in Brief

Watch this space for testimonials, videos and details on a special celebration at the 2019 GEN AGM in China.

Members can access tools for sharing the celebration in the Members Only area.