GEN: The Global Ecolabelling Network

The internationally recognised network of ecolabelling organisations

The Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN) is a non-profit association of leading ecolabelling organisations worldwide. GEN was founded in 1994 to help protect the environment by improving, promoting, and developing the ecolabelling of green products and sustainable services.


Life Cycle-Based Ecolabels & Global Ecolabelling Network Descriptions in British English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, and French



  • Fosters co-operation, information exchange and standards harmonisation among members, associates, and other ecolabelling programmes
  • Participates in international organisations in order to promote ecolabelling
  • Encourages demand for, and supply of, more environmentally responsible goods and services
  • GEN Annual Reports
  • GEN History In Brief


Full GEN members have attained the status of "Type 1" specified in the ISO 14024 standard. This means:

  • their ecolabelling programmes are voluntary
  • their standards address multiple environmental criteria over the life cycle of a product or service
  • standards are published and transparent
  • ecolabels are awarded using independent third-party verification

With 33 full, associate, and affiliate members from countries across the globe, the collective expertise of the Global Ecolabelling Network is unparalleled. GEN itself does not develop criteria or certify products, but supports members' development of environmental leadership standards, and ecolabelling of products and services. To this end, GEN tracks its members' active standards, and compiles and updates the information annually.

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This is the formal member peer review process, the Global Ecolabelling Network Internationally Coordinated Ecolabelling System. Learn more.

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Ecolabelling organisations may contact us for technical assistance.


The GEN Memorandum of Understanding expresses GEN members willingness to negotiate joint Specific Activities that rest on the mutual recognition of each other’s programmes. Here is a list of current signatories. Please email the Secretariat for more information.