GEN Structure

Internationally coordinated, locally established

Members operate independently and take various forms, including government or quasi-governmental bodies, private organisations, trusts, institutes and councils. They are ecolabelling practitioners that subscribe to the GEN mission and core values which include promotion of products with reduced environmental impact. Members are subject to regular peer reviews. At the end of 2015 there were 27 members and 4 associate members spread across some 57 countries and territories.

GEN activities are managed by a Board of Directors, and day-to-day operations are administered by a General Affairs Office and Secretariat, both reporting to the Board.

The Board meets at least twice a year. 

General Affairs Office

Japan Environment Association (JEA)

TMM BLDG. 5F, 1-10-5

Iwamotocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo,

101-0032 JAPAN

TEL: +81-3-5829-6286

FAX: +81-3-5829-6281


Kate Harris

P.O Box 1807
Canberra ACT 2601


Phone: +61 2 5110 2202, ext. 100

GEN Board of Directors

Björn-Erik Lönn - Chairman
Nordic Swan Ecolabel (Nordic Countries)

Bjorn-Erik Lonn was appointed general manager of the Nordic Ecolabelling Board in 1994 and has been senior advisor on issues with contacts outside the Nordic countries and with other labelling schemes since 2013. He holds a Master of Science from the University of Helsinki in fish toxicology. He was previously the general secretary for a sports fishermen’s association in Finland and then a senior engineer at Norway’s biggest sewage treatment plant near Oslo.

Takashi Fujisaki - Treasurer
Eco Mark Program (Japan)

Takashi Fujisaki is General Manager of the Eco Mark Office, Japan Environment Association and is responsible for the Eco Mark program. Since joining the Eco Mark office in 2001, he has successively held the positions of Criteria Development & Certification Manager, Promotion Manager, and Contract & Audit Manager. Mr. Fujisaki is a qualified Labor and Social Security attorney. He has also served as a member of the Designated Items Review Committee of Japanese Green Public Procurement.

Chin-Yuan Chen
Green Mark Program (Chinese Taipei)

Mr. Chen has been involved with the Environment and Development Foundation in Chinese Taipei since 1995. Starting as an auditor, he has been the project manager of the Green Mark Program for almost 10 years. He has a masters degree in environmental engineering and a Bachelor of Science in marine environment.

Eva Eiderström
Good Environmental Choice (Sweden)

Eva is the Director of the Department for Ecolabelling and Green Consumption with The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation and has held this position since 1989. The Department is responsible for the development and operation of the ecolabel Bra Miljöval (Good Environmental Choice). The Department is also engaged in mobilising consumer power globally through campaigning, and the establishment of steering mechanisms and policy frameworks supporting sustainable consumption patterns nationally and regionally. Eva's educational background is in international economics and development studies. Before joining the non-governmental movement, she worked for the Swedish cooperative movement, one of Sweden's three major grocery chains. 

Yulia Gracheva
Vitality Leaf (Russia)

The director and head of the Certification Body, NP Ecological Union, Yulia joined the GEN board in 2017. She has worked for NP Ecological Union for 12 years and has been responsible for establishing the procedures and developing the criteria in the growing Vitality Leaf ecolabelling Type 1 programme from the beginning. Yulia graduated from Saint Petersburg State University as a specialist in ecology in 2004 and then obtained a Ph.D. in biology in 2010. She is also a member of the Russian Standardization Technical Committee on Green Technologies and Green Innovative Products and participates in the working group on Green Product Procurement (GPP) implementation in Russia.

Vinicius Ribeiro
ABNT - Environmental Quality (Brazil)

Vinicius has a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and postgraduate in health and safety engineering. He has been coordinating sustainability programs at Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas since 2014, where he is responsible for the Ecolabelling Certification Program and the Sustainable Procurement Certification Program. Vinicius has led the project to develop new ecolabels in Latin America on behalf of GEN.

KS Venkatagiri
GreenPro (India)

Mr. Venkatagiri is the Executive Director of CII-Godrej GBC – Confederation of Indian Industry’s centre of excellence on green businesses. He is an expert in green concepts and is leading a team of over 90 green professionals. Under his leadership, the centre is offering services to Indian industry in the areas of green buildings, green companies, green products, energy management, renewable energy, and other related sectors. He played leadership role in conceptualizing and launching the ecolabel GreenPro in India. Venkatagiri holds a Bachelor of Technology degree in Chemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, and has been associated with Confederation of Indian Industry since 1993.

Xiaodan Zhang
China Environmental Labelling (China)

Ms. Xiaodan Zhang is general manager of the China Environmental United Certification Centre (CEC), and chief expert of the Environmental Development Centre of Ministry of Ecology and Environment. She has worked in the field of environmental protection since 1991, engaging in policy research, criteria development, international cooperation and projects implementation in fields including environmental management systems, ecolabelling, green public procurement, green supply chain, green consumption and production, and clean development mechanism. She is deputy secretary-general of the China Green Purchasing Network, a member of the National Technical Committee 261 on Certification and Accreditation of Standardisation Administration of China and has been an advisory board member of the International Green Procurement Network since 2015.